In a time of political uncertainty and rapid technological change, global events are disrupting our economic, cultural, social and geographical norms, bringing our ideals of citizenship, sovereignty and governance into question. New technologies, emerging communities and networks are acting as significant catalysts in this change, but they also offer new models and opportunities for how citizens can live, work and communicate. Through a programme of exhibitions, interventions, performances and workshopsThe New Networked Normal (NNN) will interrogate technological infrastructures and the territories of exception which shape our economic and socio-political reality.

2017 Programme

The NNN launched at the AND Festival, in Castleton (UK) 21 – 24 Sept 2017, with a series of co-commissions and events, The Deluge by James Ferrero, A Walk in Fukushima by Don’t Follow the Wind and From Electronic Superhighway to Digital Dark Ages. Followed by a programme at The Influencers Festival, Barcelona (Spain) 26 – 28 Oct 2017, in partnership with CCCB, which included the first iteration of Temporary Autonomous Freeport exhibition format and a restaging of A Walk in Fukushima.

2018 Programme

Launching this month is, an alternative space for the distribution of artworks, using the backstreets, black markets and divergent parts of the internet to create, exhibit and debate the value of art.

Over the coming year, artworks will arrive at from disparate parts of the web to be unpacked with accompanying events in London, Barcelona and Eindhoven.

Showing as part of The NNN at Transmediale Festival, HKW, Berlin:
Performance: Plague by James Ferraro, 02 & 03 February 2018
Exhibition & Unboxing Events: Territories of Complicity 02 & 03 February 2018
Panel: New Networked Geographies, 03 February

Coming soon, full programme website launching in February 2018.

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