Exhibiting Artists: Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Zach Blas, CAMP, Demystification Committee, Femke Herregraven, Forensic Oceanography (Lorenzo Pezzani & Charles Heller), Yuri Pattison & Lisa Rave

Territories of Complicity is an experimental space fusing installation and live project presentations designed in reference to the freeport—a logistics hub and high-security storage space that allows free trade outside of national regulation. As an emulation of the freeport’s logistic setup, the works will be organized and displayed in boxes, accompanied by contextualizing research and documentation to be “unpacked” by the visitors and further activated by the artists in the form of screenings, performances, workshops, and discussions. The image of the freeport is used as a way of exploring how covert systems, technological infrastructures, as well as territories of exception within globalized networks of exchange and traffic shape our economic, socio-political realities. The featured projects investigate such structures and the various conditions that determine the circulation of goods as well as movements of people. They explore how mobility creates economic value, and how it is linked to our notion of who and what is valuable.

nnn.freeport.global was launched alongside transmediale festival, connected to Territories of Complicity31 Jan – 04 Feb 2018, HKW Berlin. Over the festival days artworks were unpacked in physical spaces and nnn.freeport.global hosted underlying research, contextual and reference material.

Territories of Complicity was commissioned by transmediale as part of The New Networked Normal and presented at transmediale 2018.