nnn.freeport.global is an alternative space for the distribution of artworks, using the backstreets, black markets and divergent parts of the internet to create, exhibit and debate the value of art.

nnn.freeport.global could house the world’s greatest museum, largely hidden from sight, it lacks any common ground, temporality or space.  It is an extraterritorial zone, a place in which time and space are rearranged and in terminal impermanence.  Over the coming year artworks will arrive at nnn.freeport.global from disparate parts of the web – unboxed and stripped of context, they will interrogate territories of exception and technological infrastructures. The platform is a playful variation of ‘the freeport’, the duty free tax haven and state-created semi-autonomous site that exists outside normal constituencies and jurisdictions.  These are logistic hubs for the privileged circulation of data, goods, money and art. To paraphrase Hito Steyerl they are not only high-security storage spaces and tax havens for artworks, but “stacks of juridical, logistical, economic, and data-based operations, a pile of platforms mediating between clouds and users via state laws, communication protocols, corporate standards”.

nnn.freeport.global launched alongside transmediale festival, connected to the exhibition Territories of Complicity31 Jan – 04 Feb 2018, HKW Berlin. Over the festival days artworks were unpacked in physical spaces and nnn.freeport.global hosted underlying research, contextual and reference material.  Newly commissioned artworks will arrive at nnn.freeport.global from disparate parts of the web with unpacking events in London, Barcelona and Eindhoven to be announced over the coming year. nnn.freeport.global was designed and developed PWR.

An introduction to the works currently on show can be accessed via nnn.freeport.global:

Blaming the Rescuers (2016) \\ Forensic Oceanography, Lorenzo Pezzani & Charles Heller (Unpacked)
Europium (2014) \\ Lisa Rave (Unpacked)
Sprawling Swamps (2016–2018) \\ Femke Herregraven (Unpacked)
Citizens of Nowhere (2017) \\ Yuri Pattison (Unpacked)
Country of the Sea (2009-2015) \\ CAMP (Unpacked)
Finding Fanon (2015-2017) \\ Larry Achiampong & David Blandy (Unpacked)
Contra-Internet (2014-2018) \\ Zach Blas  (Unpacked)
Offshore Investigation Vehicle (2017) \\ Demystification Committee (Unpacked)
Geocinema (2018-19)
CryptoRave – RaveEnabler (2019) \\ !Mediengruppe Bitnik + Omsk Social Club
Networks of Trust in the Archipelago (2019) \\ Kyriaki Goni

nnn.freeport.global was commissioned as part of the New Networked Normal and presented online from February 2018.