A panel discussion including PWR, Jasmijn Visser and moderated by Bani Brusadin.

In times of political uncertainty and rapid technological change, our economic, cultural, social, and geographical norms are brought into question. The panel explores tensions between geopolitical narratives and concepts of territory and nation state where they collide with efforts towards independence or quasi-sovereign areas such as the internet. In search of networked autonomy, design studio PWR examines the relationship of physical and virtual territories, power structures, blockchains and governance 2.0 protocols. Through on-site research Jasmijn Visser investigates trade routes, colonial enterprises, and patterns of migration, and looks into the influence of distant political centers on landscapes. In the panel the artists will discuss the implications of current political geographies for governance, sovereignty, borders, and territory in a globalized world.


New Network Geographies was presented as part of the New Networked Normal at transmediale