Why is the Aegean the perfect territory for a decentralised future? What connects dwarf elephant’s (elephas tiliensis), obsidian (naturally forming volcanic glass) and fragmented Cycladic idols to distributed networks and geographies? And how was a time capsule containing collective narratives about possible future of the Aegean initiated on the tiny Island of Tilos?

Networks have been present in the Aegean archipelagos unique topography since prehistoric times. Formed on the cluster of six thousand islands in between Greece and Turkey, as a consequence of distribution of people, goods, ceremonial objects and weaponry, these networks were crucial for surviving on fragmented land surrounded by Mediterranean Sea.

Using the Aegean archipelago as a model for a decentralised future, Kyriaki Goni explores connections between the Aegean’s dense networks and technologies such as IPFS. Networks of Trust will build a collective narrative working with island residents, challenging centralisation of infrastructure, information and governance by activating users’ devices and the islands’ landscapes. User-generated content will be hosted on a nodes, serving simultaneously as a common time-capsule, and gateway to the future.

Networks of Trust was commissioned as part of The New Networked Normal (NNN) to be presented on nnn.freeport.global

About Kyriaki Goni

Kyriaki Goni is a Greek artist based in Athens. She focuses on the relations and interactions between technology and society. Working with installation, fiction and narrative she investigates subjects such as power of information, networks, perception and construction of the dataself, memory, oblivion and how these are augmented, formed and directed by the current technological development and its socio-political impact. Her practice includes workshops, talks and papers, presented on conferences, journals and online platforms. She has studied Fine and Digital Arts in Athens, GR, as well as Social and Cultural Anthropology in Leiden, NL.

Website http://kyriakigoni.com/

Twitter @Kyra_Goni