With Asia Bazdyrieva & Solveig Suess (Geocinema), Kyriaki Goni, Jussi Parikka, moderated by Jussi Parikka

The image of the earth today is shaped by planetary-scale sensory networks. Technological infrastructures mediate what can—and cannot—be seen, felt, and perceived. Predefined connections within and between networks influence the way people relate to one another, to territories and the natural environment. Is it possible for other links to be established and different narratives to be told? Two projects, Geocinema and Networks of Trust, engage with these questions through their artistic practices and research methods. Their respective cinematic investigations—beginning with China’s digital Belt and Road initiative—and speculative scenarios—inspired by the prehistoric networks of the Aegean Archipelago—underline the need to queer hegemonic geopolitical imaginations. Different temporalities, layers of perception, and lived experience are embraced in a quest for multiple readings of the earth and its networks.

Listen to the talk here.

Living Networks was presented as part of The New Networked Normal at transmediale 2019.