Geocinema is an ongoing episodic project by Asia Bazdyrieva, Alexey Orlov, Solveig Suess

Orbital bands of satellites, geosensing arrays, surveillance cameras and billions of cell phones – clusters of components for networked global connectivity, sense fragments of the earth. Through decentralized editing processes, signals and transfers create a stitched representation of the earth.  As an ongoing curatorial investigation, Geocinema considers these planetary-scale sensory networks as a vastly distributed cinematic apparatus, a camera.

For this new NNN commission, the next phase of Geocinema: Framing Territories focuses its research on Digital Belt and Road (DBAR), the Big Earth Data programme supporting Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a Chinese-led trade route spanning Asia, Europe and Africa, with ambition and promise of global connectivity.  Large-scale efforts along the Belt and Road explicits a data-driven framework to guide the future of environmental decision and policy-making, mirrored with large-scale infrastructural plans to terraform its landscapes.

The collective, Bazdyrieva, Orlov & Suess,  will take a series of research trips to the first branch of the DBAR programme in Thailand — to further understand these new mirrored processes of imaging and terraforming, from modeling into policy. Filming a series of interviews, archival materials, set-ups, models and imaginings they will examine infrastructures of data as forms of cinema. Asking; how is the earth imaging and sensing itself, and, are there ways to stitch together other imaginaries? through a queered natural history documentary.

Geocinema: Framing Territories was commissioned as part of The New Networked Normal (NNN) to be presented on

About the artists

Geocinema is an ongoing episodic project by Asia Bazdyrieva, Alexey Orlov, Solveig Suess

Geocinema formed during The New Normal a speculative urbanism think-tank in Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. By focusing on various sensing techniques— from fragmented satellite and ground station data transfers to systems that are able to predict seismic activities—  the collective is interested in the feedback loops between processes of image making, production of knowledge, geopolitical imaginations and terraformation.

Solveig Suess is a designer, researcher and filmmaker, investigating networked conditions and ecological resistances across uneven geographies of circulation through text, sound and image. She received her BA in Visual Communications at Glasgow School of Art, her MA at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London.

Asia Bazdyrieva is an art historian and researcher with a specific focus on the ideological underpinnings that are embedded in the spatial organisation and ecologies of public spaces. She studied analytical chemistry in the University of Kyiv and art history in The City University of New York as a Fulbright grantee.

Alexey Orlov is a video artist who works on various projects as DoP, editing director, motion designer, producer and post production supervisor.


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