Don’t Follow the Wind are a group of artists and filmmakers responding to the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011.

Experience 360 degree videos making visible a selection of the inaccessible, irradiated sites of the Fukushima exclusion zone and met displaced resident and former worker for TEPCO, the power company which own the nuclear plant. The video was displayed inside headsets made by the mother, father and grandmother of artist Bontaro Dokuyama, who all live in Fukushima near the exclusion zone. The area is deemed ‘safe’ for inhabitation but the low level contamination has radically changed their everyday way of life. A Walk in Fukushima made us think about the nuclear waste, post-human time and the consequences of nuclear energy against human fallibility.

A Walk in Fukushima was commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices and The Influencers as part of the New Networked Normal and presented at AND Festival 2017 and The Influencers 2017.