Led by Vladan Joler and Share Labs. A freeport is a zone of permanent transit, an extraterritorial domain built by nation-states where their own law fails on purpose, as it were. Someone said that a freeport is also a place where value is made out of instability and where control can be temporarily lost while navigating at the brink of system malfunction. Somehow, that is also our plan.

Designed by The Influencers in collaboration with the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, FREEPORT is an independent study program focused on creative production and research in a world of humans and machines.

It combines the language of art, design, Internet communities, hacker cultures, and creative activism to promote unconventional ways of exploring a networked planet, seizing its aesthetic opportunities and exposing its political ambiguities.

FREEPORT Zero – Trespassing the data factory is the first pilot program in a series of activities to take place until spring 2019 in different venues and cities across Europe. View the full programme.

A project by The Influencers in collaboration with CCCB. In framework of the New Networked Normal with technical partners MAADIX.