The Internet Yami-Ichi (Internet Black Market) is a flea market which deals “Internet-ish” things, face-to-face, in actual space.

Both flea markets and the Internet are fanatical and chaotic mixes of the amazing and useless. In the Internet Yami-Ichi both the wills and desires which brought us to create the Internet, and the wills and desires we picked up once we got there, are salvaged to be shared in a social space. Online secret society IDPW organized the first Internet Yami-Ichi in Tokyo in 2012. Since then it mutated into dozens of new markets & performances in many cities, among them Berlin, Moscow, New York, Brussels, and Seoul.

The Internet Yami-Ichi (Internet Black Market) was commissioned by The Influencers as part of The New Networked Normal and presented at The Influencers 2017.