The “Trolls, Trumps & algorithmic propaganda” event pivots around presentations and debates on the technical, cultural and political factors that made the ‘post-truth’ possible.

Participants are unconventional artists, unruly journalists, and both academic and independent researchers. Alice Marwick ( is an acute observer of the social use of the Internet, finding the political angle in what we usually consider as apparently innocent communication habits. She recently nose-dived into racist memes, irony-saturated Internet subcultures, far-right communities, and media manipulation and vulnerability. Adrian Chen ( is an investigative journalist working for The New Yorker. Back in the day he started as a ‘youtuber’ back when Youtube was still a goldmine of genius homebrew performers, genuine freaks and the uncanny in general. And that gives a hint of his acute instinct for Internet cultures, from the darkest 4chan humor to opaque government propaganda or social networks invisible moderation. Daniel Keller ( – artist and writer, avid participant in digital subcultures and acute observer of the apparently new, problematic breed of popular culture called the “alt-right”- draws connections between obscure numeral exoteric theories and white suprematism, Kek the Egyptian god of chaos, Pepe, an innocent character of a popular comic strip, and, well… Donald Trump. Vladan Joler is one of the founding members of Share Lab (, an independent research team based in Yugoslavia. Technologists, artists, activists and lawyers set out to explore how humans and data are changing the contemporary public sphere, probably for good. To do so they explore the highways of the electronic frontier, as well as hidden, invisible infrastructures and deep waters of algorithmic propaganda.

The “Trolls, Trumps & algorithmic propaganda” was commissioned by CCCB and The Influencers as part of the New Networked Normal and presented at The Influencers 2017.