AsociaciĆ³n d-i-n-a is conceived as a platform where theoretical research and practical experimentation can coalesce and merge.

It aims to build opportunities to visualize artistic and creative experiences at large and to share the resulting knowledge with the participants of the activities organized by d-i-n-a in Barcelona and occasionally in other places. These activities are meant to forge ties between heterogeneous fields and audiences, creating (stable or ephemeral) communities in which mutual learning processes are enabled. The purpose of the organization is: To build research and documentation activities about practices, phenomena and independent projects in the fields of mass communication, technological innovation, social evolution, creativity and contemporary art. To organize presentations, workshops, seminars and other activities about issues that bridge art, society, visual communication and technologies, in cooperation with other similar activities organized by other entities. To foster the circulation and creation of new approaches to artistic and social intervention and public communication. To promote and integrate artists or social groups that use, in an original and innovative way, digital and mass media technologies in social, grassroots, cultural, and artistic activities. To encourage, sponsor, contribute and participate to activities organized by individual creators or entities in the form of artistic productions, formative activities, audiovisual creations, online platforms or editorial projects that approach the above-mentioned subjects.